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  This production is intended to be a multi media consideration of the earth and thereby human presence upon it, seen in relationship to the planets placement in the universal realm.

The production springs from the philosophical point of view that the human body, as known to us, is a self adjusting vehicle customized to carry its DNA-code across the barrier of time.

The planet Earth, being the host organism upon which the human-life-form-vehicle has been allotted a finite time-frame to prepare for and launch its eventual departure, appears as the main character in a musical chain of thought focusing on humanity’s individual as well as collective similarities as opposed to it’s religious and dogmatic differences.

One common goal for all humanity embraces the faint hope that the host organism (earth) remains stable and fit ensuring the human DNA structure to journey safely into the future. We are not the true life form, merely bearers of it through the constant flow of time upon which we travel. For every generation we may become a little smarter as long as we never loose the ability to learn from past mistakes. A state of globality may find its way into human awareness in a period of time when human consciousness is elevated to a level; where survival of the species in the universal realm, as a global unit, becomes a more urgent priority than patriotic borders and dogmatic stubbornness.

Main characters:

The choir of love: 
The universal, constant love, is shown by means of a choir, ever present, but not visible to all.
The automated human:

Routinely working hard in order to sustain a preferred quality of life. Seeks to ignore human suffering and the decay of the planet. Remains generally indifferent to oppressive and suppressive governmental structures as long as it takes place somewhere else.

The dogmatic characters:
Stylized religious and dogmatic groups that tear apart the earth flag. The paradox that all religions are based upon goodness, but seek to demolish each other.

The resigned pacifist:
A freedom fighter of the hippie era who once displayed clear ideals and a burning wish for peace on earth. Love is never, by nature, a fighter. It only seeks to fulfill itself.

The love wizard:
A colorful wizard, dressed in a star studded cape and a tall pointed blue hat.
He symbolizes the way love was addressed throughout the sixties; playful, absurd and simple. Sometimes love was experienced through awesome  hallucinations.

The hopeful ones:
Lovers seeing the world through a state of bliss. They feel that the world and the life ahead is abundant with opportunity and hope. Their future is now and they see an eternity of  space and time in each other.

The helpless child:
A small girl who experiences the world as frightening and strange.

The oppressed human being:
A desperate person who has been locked up and classified as insane even though he carries in him, a clear vision of the future to come. The «power» seek to avoid his intense questions and safeguard the world from his madness. His knowledge and wisdom has become his grave as well as his greatest enemy .

Mother earth:
A woman of great energy, powerful anger and sadness. She is ragged and torn, but still keeps an aura of pride while expressing frustration for having been ill treated.  She has a hard time understanding why humans exploit her resources.

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