BjÝrn SÝrlie
Coexistence is often based upon words that we say to eachother. What we say or how we say it is retrieved from oneīs personal inner landscape under the file; how have I learned to relate to my surroundings? The mystical inner voice  who or what is that? Life has taught me to not always say what I am thinking, but in order to achieve the freedom of milking the endless inner voice, anyway I have created different hats or characters in order to achieve greater freedom of creativity.



Alan Vochec
I am the underlying consciousness of the coexistence of lifeforms in our universal realm seen in a greater perspective.

Once upon a time, there was a vision in my mind, that peace and harmony would reign upon all mankind.
-where likenesses were celebrated,
-curiosity stimulated and lessons of the past taken to heart,
-where screams of agony from collective consciousness were overtaken by a gentle hum, celebrating life nourished, by the breast of Mother Earth, allowing the state of is to evolve into planetary consciousness as united worldians were released from an enduring stone age.

I know Iím not the only one to carry this vision in my heart.
Iím just another voice in an enormous choir speaking words of wisdom and hoping someday you will join us.
To some Iím rich; to others Iím dirt poor, to some Iím wise, yet to others Iím just another idiot, but in many ways, Iím a lot like you.
Buy my cd, if you like it, - that would make me happy, but most of all, love is!
Looking for a piece of the sky, I am Alan Vochec.
Steve Cook
The dirty pig! The total opposite of Alan Vochec. Expresses profanities, speaks everything he thinks and is a VERY simple minded character.
Confucious Olsen
Reflects outer influences through a perfecly polished inner prism.
Steve Cooling
Is in a way the inner son of Alan Vochec. He has retained several of Alan Vochec`s ways of interpreting life, but sings in Norwegian. Fresh water and the purity of nature is my main thing.
Luther Fisken
Is a happy fish. Pretty naiv and straight forward in his formulations. Has a strong need to express his feelings.