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I am a free spirited musician who enthusiastically embraces most categories of music. I write songs, play guitar and piano and I have pretty good knowledge of the popular songs from the thirties through the eighties. I love my craft and I am pretty creative when it comes to writing a song or two for a special occasion.
I have played in various bands from age 14 up to the present. I moved to Chicago from Norway at age 19. While in Chicago I was quite active in the pop-rock-blues and folk scenes and appeared at Lackey`s , Ratsoe`s, The Earl of Oldtown and other similar places throughout the early 70`s. At the time I also produced radio commercials for Chicagoland Broadcasters Inc.
Around age 26 after touring for about a year in Mexico I settled down in the LA area and became a part of the music scene around Redondo-, Manhattan- and Hermosa Beaches, Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley (the Bla`bla`café). After moving to Idyllwild Ca. I toured California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Montana with the trio State & Madison.
After some years in Durango, Co. I moved back to Norway and worked as a jingle writer and producer at Radio Moss. Presently I do work as troubadour, as duo, trio, quartets and a rock quintet in order to cater to different entertainment needs.
In addition I teach music as a therapeutic form to various groups of people including teenagers.
Through the years I have been influence by the following artists: Bing Crosby, Cab Calloway, Elvis Prestley, The Beatles, Rolling stones, Kinks, Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, Leon Russell, Elton John, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Silje Nergaard og Steely Dan in addition to Mozart, Debussy, Chopin and Bach.






























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